Friday, July 20, 2007

Fitness X-plosion

Yesterday quite fun in ITE Mac

I got to play all 3 events. First was sit-up, second was shatter run and last was long jump.

We get to challenge with other campuses like Ite Mac, Bishan etc..
Each team must find 6 of our campus friends to take part in every events. We had roughly 9 to 10 over gals. So each event we'll get to rotate to take turns to participate if she wants to play for that event or not.

We were shock when our first events was sit-up and it was not the normal sit-up we do. We need to grab a wooden bench on our hands and put it near our chest and do our sit-up. For girls and guys the position of holding the bench are different. Can see from the pic.

We thought it would be hard and heavy to lift up ourselves and the bench together. We still need to push ourselves up at the same timing too. We kinda tremble at one corner when we wait for our turn.
Haha! our turn, before we get started we gave encouragement to build their confidence to our team members that we can do it and push all our energy to lift ourselves up. We had Rabelle, JieXi, Daphene, or Amy , Cherylyn, Me and Ayu.
Cherylyn onwards, we are quite small in size but we had lots of strength and quite good in sports. Starting we had two times of trial test see whether the postion and everything was ok. So we did our first sit-up and HEY! quite easy and light. Maybe 6 people lifting up together so we don't feel its heavy.

Second even was shatter-run. We dint made it because my friend Xiuru fell down when was her turn to run. Ouch!>_<"

Last event long jump. We need to jump from the starting point to the end. See how many jumps you made to complete. In order to win, you need to get the least jumps in total. We got the first in long jump total was 46 jumps we made. Other campuses teams got 49.

We dint get any prices because the teachers accumulate the marks that we had and the total scores were not enough to win other campuses scores. But we did had a wonderful time and had better relationships with one another. We had the team spirit to work together as one.

Nobody were disappointed because we only participate for the benefit of NO NEED TO JOIN SPORTS AND WELLNESS FOR 3 WEEKS plus NO NEED TO ATTEND THURSDAY LESSON FOR 4 HOURS OF 3D MAX CLASS. YAY! hahaha...

But my body is aching pain now. We dint warm up before the event. :)

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