Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quite happy but tired

Haha I'm so happy when I saw some of them at Aljunied Mrt station when I was on my way to Emmanuel house for Bible study. Yesterday I just drop by at Joycelyn's msn window just to ask
how was she doing and today morning I saw her. So funny. I miss the gals most because most of them are from my group. Yesterday I actually wanted to sms Zarhirah one of a girl whom quite close to me. (can see my friendster pic and the pic I posted here she's standing beside me with yellow sleeves PE T-shirt). Long time didn't sms her since I left the pinnacle programme when ITE gonna school reopens.
They all are friendly nice people and active plus rowdy at times too. I do enjoy myself when I was with them.
Very funny, when I reach Aljunied Mrt station, I saw them at the Mrt station because they have flag day. I prepared my wallet to donate for Zahirah's group of friends only. And guess what? after I say hi to Kelvin,(I think is him)Kevin said "Aaaeeeee" then the rest turn around and they "HEY!"(surprise to see me there) and they rush towards me to ask me to donate for them. I donated about 8.5cents or $1.05 cents to them.
As they rush towards me, I don't really see their faces as they ask me to donate and Joycelyn put the can so close to my face of course I couldn't see (Joycelyn always disturb me)hahaha. Funny! Only Jee Ann the best because she came out from the toilet with Patricia and their friends were like asking Jee Ann to ask me to donate for her too. And immediately she said "Nevermind la... She also never work right now." I think she pity me when I donate for them. I actually don't mind donate for her too but she insist by saying nevermind then ok lo. But among the girls she has a caring heart. To me I felt that she's special when I first saw her during pinnacle programme.

I had A wonderful bible study too. I've learnt a lot today on Romans 7:1-6. They did something from verse 4 to 6 and paraphrase to help us to understand the verse better. I was impress by it.

After the Bible study I when to cineleisure to watch Rush Hour 3. The movie was funny and nice.

Then I went to Pungoal Plaza awhile. Within 20 minutes then I came out from the shopping mall. Nothing much to see and shop there.

Physically tired today. Shall sleep early tonite and got YAF tomorrow too. YESH! Church tomorrow. :)

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