Friday, August 17, 2007

Thank God.. WooHOOOO...


to you maybe what so happy about it? anyway continue to read my story then. :)

I didn't score high marks for my maths test but at least I PASSED! 67 upon 100%
some of the questions I anyhow do it also correct if not, some marks was given. The given marks are quite high then I expected too. Thank Mr Yap for closing a eye when he mark.
I did struggled with my maths and the result I've got now will be an encouragement to me to continue to work harder. I actually gave up totally for my maths because hardly for me to pass since secondary school. I also told my friend before I got my maths paper that If i fail, it doesn't surprise me. I'm so use to fail my maths until no feeling will affect me(numb). Ok la abit sad lo.

Surprisingly and I didn't expected that I could pass. So happy until I went back to my sit and hit my friend who sat beside me. Before I took my maths test, I did pray hard that I will do my best and Thank God that he answered my prayers. I only studied my maths test for about an hours plus and I gave up totally. All credit unto God alone.


Anonymous said...

haha yup thank God that you pass.. happy for you too!! yea always know that when you give your best to God in everything, God will do the rest... (" ,)

Shandy said...

Hey Thanks, it reminded me once again. I appreciate it. :)