Saturday, October 20, 2007

School Attachment!

YoZ, from today onwards till 14 Dec, this period of time I won't be free except Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon too. I'm on school attachment now.

Wanna know how am I doing for my school attachment?
Now I'm working at Jurong East the building call CJGLS. The Building for Sumsung Customer Repair Service Center.
You can check on this website contact us get the Hotline number and call up to find me. Hahahahahaahaha...... no la.. busy picking up customers call and handle customers needs.

I don't really like my job because is giving me alot of stress sometimes. One of my classmate who attach with me also have the same problem as me in how i felt over the pass days. I need to wake up 5:45am in the morning Monday to Saturday just to go to work. Everyday me and my friend Yani will meet up at Jurong East MRT station before 8am to take shuttle bus transport to the CJGLS building.

Everyday pray very hard that everything will go smoothly during work. Me and my friend Yani, we always count the days and weeks we left to work there. Just want to get out of the place as soon as possible, can't stand it anymore. Customer just give me stress and a hard time sometimes. URGH!

Count the days with me then till 14 December.

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