Saturday, September 29, 2007

SYFC Short Serve

This 3 weeks serving in Singapore Youth Of Christ, I got to know alot of christian youth from different churches. Our relationship seems to get closer with some of the youth as we attended the impact program. I simply like the way how I live my life right now. My days were occupied with few stuff to do like street evangelism(contact work), bible study on Monday morning, reflection on what we had learn on Tuesday and read training books "The Gospel According To Jesus" by John F. MacArthur, Jr.

Before I step in for short serve, I was mentally tired as everyday need to memorized and practise my line for the skit and never really get to sleep well as I'm quite stress out with few things. First two day in short serve, I was very tired as i need to wake up at 7am everyday and stay up until 4 plus to 6 plus then I went home. During the work, I kept using my mind thinking, reflecting upon God's word and trying to remember what I need to do. Not just remember the stuff at work but stuff that were not within work too. I tend to loose my focus and couldn't remember the things that they had told me. I'm just too tired and I got a headache on Monday on the first day during short serve. I did pray very hard to strengthen me and to depend on His strength everyday. But on Wednesday onwards as I get to do Street E, thank God that I enjoy doing it and I got to share the gospel with 4 youth.
Thank God for the strength He has provided for me. A joy of sharing God's truth and help out in SYFC although I may felt tired sometimes. I don't wish to have a break because I enjoy coming to serve the Lord with others around me. I may not be doing well in certain areas but that doesn't stop me for serving Him. Every work that I do, I will do my very best for the Lord.

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