Friday, September 7, 2007

I watch Hairspray again.

Today kinda weird day. So many phone calls and smses to pick up and reply. From morning 10am plus until now 6 plus I still receiving sms and I need to reply. Urgh! My sms are bursting.

One of the call is for my school attachment. I got interviewed through calls just now from a lady name Esther from HR in the morning. Me and my funny friend Yani was chosen and I got to work at JURONG sumsong shop if I pass my final interview with my friend this Monday 5pm. And my final interview is through phone calls again. Wanna know why? Its because that final interviewer name Lorine(manager) wants me and my friend to work at sumsong shop customer service to pick up calls and face to face communication.
If I'm chosen, my working time is on Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm and Saturday half day from 8:30am to 12:30pm.
I need to go through their training first if I'm accepted by the company to know more about sumsong phone.

If I don't take this job attachment, I got to work another company is about wedding planner (I know it through Yani) no fix time and place plus I need to work on SUNDAYS. If not, I need to do a lot of running with the photographer places to places to take photos and maybe Saturday I need to prepare stuff, planning for the wedding plus I might work until very late.
Sunday is the day off for me to worship GOD and fellowship with brothers and siters in Chirst. So better not reject this sumsong job. I don't mind working far away distance from home rather then working on Sundays.

I met Elene in the morning for lunch at United Square pizza hut. And we discuss about the 3 weeks long term serving in SYFC. Actually I need to go study with my friends but I change my mind to watch movie. I studied until like mad and I need some rest for my brains. Sorry my friends got to go.

She's Elene, stuff of SYFC (Singapore Youth For Christ)

haha so.. i went to watch hairspray again with Nicole Kidman. Err~ -_-" haha sorry Nicole. Yep I tempt her to watch the movie. Opss! :X
No la, I really like the movie and since Nicole haven watch it and I don't mind watching the movie again so lets go. As for rating the movie, Nicole finds it ok(moderate). But as for me, my rating for the movie Hairspray still quite high. Maybe its because I like their songs and the way they dance.

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