Thursday, September 6, 2007


A recommended movie HAIRSPRAY!

I watch the movie with Eleen, Jasmine, David, Benjamine, Robert and Derrick. To me hairspray was the most enjoyable movie that I ever watched. It just like you are watching a concert. The show lasted for 2 hours plus and its kinda worth it to spend my money on such movie. We kept laughing and enjoying the music. The show started off with singing by Nikki Blonsky the song title is 'Good morning, Baltimore'. I was impress by her voice and of course I like the song too. Here are some of the videos that I like.
-Those people who haven watch Hairspray or plan to watch, please don't watch the videos unless you confirm you are not watching the movie. :)
If you watch the music videos here, I don't think it will be interesting when you watch in cinema.

Good morning, Baltimore

I Can Hear The Bell

You Can't Stop The Beat

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