Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday Skit Rehearsal. Good job!

Thank God and thank the sisters who prayed for me that I able to memorise the script and actions for the skit during the past 4 days. I'm quite contented with my performance today. Those brothers and sisters who were involved in the skit, they did well too. For the second round in rehearsing, not much mistakes were made and we got to finish the whole skit for 25 minutes. Woohoo.
This 4 days every morning when I woke up, I will just spent 2 hours to practise my role in my room and remember my lines plus when will be the time I got to come in to speak.
Thank God, he did listen to our prayers. Everything just went fast and smoothly today.
Thank God that he did sustain us throughout the weeks plus the rehearsals and gives us the strength to carry us through during our tired moments because some of them have school to attend and some need to work. We did took out some of our time just to memorise our script and role although we were busy. We will continue to do our best for God and all glory and credit unto Him and Him alone. Thank God for our directer Uncle Xubo for giving him the wisdom and ability to guide us so well. We were impress that he can come out with lots of ideas within a short time and memorise what he gonna teach us in our individual roles. Thank God that He able to use uncle Xubo to serve Him in this area wisely. Uncle Xubo just did a fantastic job in the Lord! :)

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