Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival 22/9

THANK GOD, everything went successfully.

Without depending on God's strength... I don't think we will be able to present a wonderful skit.
God did listen to our prayers and He knew each and every of our worries. Without Him and fervency in prayer, things won't went out that smoothly during the skit and the whole programme for Mid Autumn Festival.

Like To Thank...

Those people who came during Mid Autumn Festival.

The PA crew uncle Carl and Jia Jun.. Uncle Carl was running here and there adjusting the speaker and microphone. busy~

Everybody who are involved on stage..

The Host Marcus and Pei Jiun.
Thank both of them for bring the atmosphere when they are hosting. Pei Jiun, thanks for the 3 interesting evangelical magic show. Love it!

Game Host, Darius and Mei Yun,
Thanks for the atmosphere too and by giving people a chance to be involved in the game.
So people dont feel neglected.

Free and Easy Talent Show...

Liu Lei - for singing a bit of chinese opera and a chinese song.

A China guy...
Courage to volunteer yourself to be on stage to do your super quick mental mathematics calculation. Cool!

Tania - Japanese dance. Serious look man when she dance. Nice!

Yao Qi and his friendly neighbour (classmate too) forgot His name. Btw the friend of Yao Qi's very easy to get along with and very helpful.

Performing a very funny conversation.

The Skit Team....

Script done by Yao Qi check by Jerry and Shiao hui (both of them even did some translation for the script from chinese to english)

Directer uncle Xubo

Narrator was Shiao Hui

Robert as YUI TU(Jade Rabbit) - so cute with the pinky bunny ear.

Wei Wu as WU GANG - Pro man your Chinese. Impressive!

Auntie WeeLee as Christian - So funny when she got shot by Hou Yi

uncle CARL as HOU YI - My Daddy, I like the way he said that he saw the unidentified shinning flying objects.

auntie Madeline as Chang-Er - My mummy, she did a fantastic job by memorising the long script and able to say her long... lines during the skit although she was nervous.

Darius as SON- My DiDi, he was kinda funny and good to have him in the skit as my brother. HAHA~

Me as Daughter -Me ZehZeh... In my roll, I'm always angry la..

Thank uncle Xubo for the marvellous job by directing us. I was impress by his skill of acting and giving ideas. He can come out with acting ideas within a short time and also able to remembered our individual character's actions. And even took out your family resting time to guide us in our acting after work.
To the skit team too...
Although we might be busy and tired after work or school, just want to thank you guys for the wonderful effort that you all had put in and give all your best to the Lord and rely on Him that He will help us.

The Lord of our Provider, thank God for providing whatever we need and guidance.

Thanks Jerry for planning this event. Good Job.. not easy to be a planner.

ChenChen, Tania, Mei Yun, Aricia

Jerry plan to post like that.

Shiao Hui & Qi Xin

Angeline & Messy Hair Me

Qi Yuan & Qi Xin
Taken today SUNDAY!! when they had children's worship

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