Saturday, September 15, 2007

Skit Rehearsal (Uncle Carl's house)

Today there's Me, Wei Wu, Robert, Auntie Weelee(David's mum), Sister Medeline, Uncle Carl, Xubo and Sister Biqing.

We when to uncle Carl's house to practise our skit. Before that I went to meet Elene at United Square to settle and plan some stuff for my 3 weeks serve in SYFC. After that we went to meet Cai ping at Novena MRT station and we took shuttle bus to kk hospital to see Pei ling. Unfortunately we can't see the baby but, we only can see the baby photos that Pei ling's husband took from his handphone. The baby still under care and observation. Because the baby can't produce sugar in his body. Oh, the baby is a boy. :)

After that I went to uncle Carl's house early because I want to see what shop they have in Coronation Plaza and what I can buy from there since Yu'an's birthday coming on 19 Sept(Wed)and I'm planning to buy greeting card for Derrick since he's going in army this coming Monday. The other hand its because I need to do my own translation for my line. I went into a shop called Blessed Hope and erm.. don't really have nice stuff and cards that interest me. :X
I only bought 4 small consider greeting cards at $0.30 cents only. hee!

I went to uncle Carl's house for dinner and I like the food for dinner man. Delicious!
After the nice delicious dinner, I did my own script translation from Chinese to English within an hour or 1 hour 30 minutes.
Thank God that I've got abit of help from auntie Weelee and auntie Medeline when I can't read some Chinese words or stuck with translation.

The rehearsal was so funny that we keep laughing from 8:35pm to about 12:15pm?. We rehearse twice and we sat down at the round table to translate and have our final script done. My phone reception not very good too and its always on SOS emergency call. So my mum and my friend can't call in and sms me. My mum called uncle Carl's house suddenly to ensure I'm save. Kinda paiseh when my mum called. So uncle Carl explain to my mum why we ended so late plus assured my mum that somebody will send me home. Thats for sure. haha.

Although we are tired, but uncle Carl, auntie Medeline and auntie Weelee still kinda hilarious and keep making us laugh when they trying to change the script.
Uncle Carl did send me and Robert home. I realise uncle Carl's car was a sports car when he drove super fast on the road as there's nitro pump install in his car too. cool! From his house back to my house it takes 20 minutes to reach my house? He kept speeding on the road. If not I will reach home about 1 to 1 plus rather then 12:52am.

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