Monday, November 19, 2007

New Friend!

I met a friend by the name of Theresa yesterday at compass point. She was one of the student that i preach the gospel to during my project servant in SYFC. I met her up after work at compass point just to have lunch together and to invite her to a programme that will be coming soon on December in SYFC "Change FM20.12". Anyway, we really can talk and talk non-stop when we met up (sms too). Around 2:30pm, Theresa's friend join us for lunch too because after that they will be heading down to Ang Mo Kio Hub to see comic books. We three girls had a wonderful time eating, talking and laughing. We even exchange addressess because she wanted to send a card to me as i did a card for her too.

Look forward to the next meeting with her and her friend again. Hopefully this coming Saturday i'm able meet another friend that i preached the gosple too.

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