Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday 4/11/07 Cross Necklace and my mirror broke

Rene bought me a cross necklace because she was encourage and she felt that I have grown in the Lord after serving in SYFC for the pass 3 weeks. I'm so thankful to have this sister in my life who always encourage me and help me in my problems.

On Saturday Cai Ping and Elene met me up at tampines burger king because Elene wanted to do follow up with me and settle some stuff with me. After that, 3 of us girls went shopping for awhile at tampines area since we still have the time. Caiping wanted to buy cross necklace for herself and for her bestfriend that time so we head down to tampines mall perlini silver shop to see the necklace. I like one of the cross necklace very much at perlini silver few months ago but I didn't buy it becuase kinda no point to buy the necklace for myself and I don't really need it very much. I even recommanded Caiping to buy the cross necklace that I like but too bad, not up to her taste. ;P

On Sunday, I was super happy and surprise when Rene bought the necklace for me. Before that on Saturday night she did message me to ask me do I wear a cross necklace? and I told her I lost it few months ago. SAD! :=(

The previous cross necklace was very important to me because two of my good friends plus one of my close sister in Christ bought it for me. My ever first cross necklace for my 18 birthday.

There's no power on the cross necklace because is man made stuff but it can help me to remember of God and to set a good testimony when i'm outside the house. When you wear the necklace everywhere you go, the people around you usually will automatically know that you are a Christian when they see the cross. So better set a good testimony. :)

In the afternoon my mirror feel down and broke. The curtain made the mirror fell on the ground by the strong wind. But thank God, I was not in the room and the mirror was not bought by us. It was given from my auntie. :)

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