Thursday, November 8, 2007

Youth Adult Fellowship (YAF) East Coast

Today the China brothers, sisters and friends plus us Singaporean youths come together to have fellowships and fun games at East Coast. I was surprise to see a total number of 40 to 40 plus people today. Thank God!

Mei Yun even mention Jesus fed the five thousand people as we were worried they might not have enough food to eat. But thank God again, the food were just enough for them to fill their tummys. We played 3 games led by Yao Qi, Eleen and Sun Jia. We even ride bicycles with Yao Qi, Robert, two guys( I don't really know their names), Yu'an and Me. I even brought volleyball to play to kill their boredom if they are bored. But very hard to play volley ball at east coast just now because too many people were there. Quite hard for us to ride bicycles too. I even saw a few accidents occured as I cycle. As we were cycling, we almost clash into each others bike because of sudden brake sometimes as other people's bicycle block our way. But anyway, in the end we still had a wonderful time talking playing and to know them better. Give thanks to God for the wonderful weather too.

Opssy! Mei Yun's face has cut off.


She look very angry here.. Hahaha~


Qi Xin, Mei Yun and Qi Yuan

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