Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 Resolutions

This year 2007 will going to an end in 1 day time. I didn't do much in church this year because i'm busy with SYFC project serve, attending Romans trail and school attachment.

1) In 2008, i got my post in YAF in church to be committed, i pray that i will serve to the fullest.

2) able to blend or balance into both SYFC post for me and Church commitments.

3) do quiet time daily and to read christian books to nourish my spiritual needs. To build knowledge in God's word.

4) keep in contact with new friends and brothers and sisters in Christ
(pray, update and to send bible scriptures to encourage them)

5) able to stick to my schedules daily

6) to be more organize with things

7) Everything will be alright! :)

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