Wednesday, December 26, 2007


On the 17 Dec onwards till 25 I was super busy and tiring doing the Christmas decoration for the church, carolling and to prepare presents for some of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
But I enjoyed myself during this days as we got to hang around with brothers and sisters from morning till night. Our relationships also grows even stronger and better.
I'm contented and satisfied with the decorations as we spent about 3 to 4 days to finish. I enjoy going house to house to carol as well for the past few days.

Thank God that everything went well for decorations, carolling and yesterday's Christmas celebration in church. I simply had a wonderful and unforgettable time as the Christmas celebration got to involved with the congregations to participate in 2 action songs and got to see some of the tsbc brothers and sisters, relatives and friends who have not been contacted for the past few months.

Due to the shortage of time for the past few days and sacrifices of our time practising with what we need to do on that Christmas Day, Everything pays it all.
Credit simply not unto us BUT GOD by keeping our voices and physically healthy.
Christmas celebration, due to shortage of time for practising and positioning on where we should be standing or do yesterday, but God let everything went well and organized in that short period of time.

Can see the smiling faces (Joy) from the congregation. Me and my mum felt different and fresh(special?) as we had our first TBC Christmas celebration. My mum kept laughing and telling me about the programmes we had yesterday. Can see she really did enjoy herself.

Nothing is impossible with God. Give Thanks!

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