Monday, December 3, 2007

Back to blog!

Yup, I'm back blogging again.
Too busy and lazy to blog this few weeks.
Just wanted to update you guys on how i'm doing currently for my dearie friends whom i have not contacted for the pass weeks? months?.
Apologies here for stop hanging out with you guys when i started my school attachment.
There are times where i'm very busy, stress and tired. But thank God all alone He was helping me to give me strength and wisdom to carry on each day and in times of difficulities too.
I have $20 takashimaya voucher from work in second position for ability. Ability in attandance for a month plus by not taking work leave. I'm the top caller also, as in i pick up the most calls among 10 of my colleagues in samsung company. But all this doesn't really matters to me. What matters to me are, quickly get out and end my attachment plus able to concentrate/focus on His word(message) during sermons in church as I will get distracted easily with customer's problems on my mind as i'm listening to the sermon or even during bible study.

Btw i was happy and honored to have our own church t-shirt. The logo of the T-shirt was design by Yu'an. The T- shirt comes with blue and yellow in colour, i only bought 1 yellow T.

Few days back on 29 dec, 2 of my cousins,our family and my brother's gf were celebrating my mum's 48 birthday. My brother bought a very thick and nice layer with biscuits at the bottom of chocolate cake.

Mum and cousin

This dec i will be busy attending and preparing church programmes, maybe 2 chalets to go, Christmas shopping with my cousins and aunties and not forgetting my relatives wedding.
Hopefully i will get to sleep longer and well to0 after my school attachment. :0)

All the best to me!

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