Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apologetics rap (interesting)

I found this in a website. Too bad i dont really know how the rythem goes to rap. No music was given, only lyrics. Anyway just read or try to rap with your own rythem.

Now some people say, "God doesn't exist."
I don't know how such rumors persist.
They say, "We're only a product of chance."
I wouldn't be quick to take that stance
Cause if God is unreal we're nothing but dust
no basis for saying what's just and unjust
no basis for meaning and purpose in life
no basis for love, no basis for strife
The existence of God is really a must
cause people don't really act like dust

Some people say, "If God is so real,
why do I suffer so much,
why isn't my life ideal?"

The problem's not with God,
the problem's with you.
Give your life back to God,
and He'll give life back to you.

Now some people ask, "How can I know God has spoken?"
Just read His word and I'm not jokin.
Raising the dead and healing the blind.
Oh, there's lots of proofs, you'll find.
In the presence of thousands, both friend and foe.
things not done in secret, don't you know.
For when God speaks His word, He understands
we need proof it's His and not man's.

Now some people say, "No peace can I find
no peace in the world, no peace in my mind."

Make peace with God and soon you will see
you have peace in your heart and a new destiny.

"But maybe all we need for the world to be nice,
is for people to be good. Take my advice"

But can you put a bandaid on cancer?
Ethics is nice, but its' no answer.
The problem with people is we're born in sin
but Jesus said you must be born again.
For God so loved the world that He
gave his Son (for you and me).
Those that believe will never die.
but live forever that's no lie.
Freely forgiven, God paid the price,
to wipe out our sins. Now isn't that nice!

"But wait, I'm not as bad as you say.
I don't kill people, and I'm not gay."

If you think you're good and think you're right
why not turn to God and look at the light?

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