Monday, January 28, 2008

haha crazy friends.

today my friend keep hugging my left hand, massaging and rubbing my right hand when I'm doing my project. For the whole two hours I didn't get to do anything becoz my dear girl keep coming to my place to disturb me. Keep rubbing my right hand becoz she said my skin quite smooth and she like to touch. That time my right hand was on the computer mouse trying to design my layout for my project. Hai! I shouldn't tell her that when she keep rubbing my right hand, my mouse keep shaking as well and i can't do anything. After telling her she more want to disturb me. urgh...
Ended up entertaining her in class. But i was contented as i can entertain her today. I don't really know how to talk or pamper her sometimes when she need somebody to be by her side to company her. I'm the only gal in class she will share about her thoughts and feelings. I roughly know how to respond sometimes although i don't really know what she's thinking or trying to bring out. She's the only friend that i can't really trace her feelings.

She felt like quitting school man becoz nobody help her sometimes, talk to her and she don't really have the interest to study anymore. One or two of my friends who are quite close to her and to share her thoughts has shifted to another class. One of them is my best partner in class but not anymore due to spilt classes. sad~!
Few months later we are going to graduate on march or april. If she quit now then it will be a waste for her.

today went shopping with yun fang ( neoprint partner ). Quite fun lah especially when she hold my hand and we try to bump each other onto the dustbin at the walk way or will walk very fast together. We went several places to shop today.

Great! i settled my friend's birthday present. hahaha

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