Wednesday, January 30, 2008

stress and pressure!

Great my stress is increasing. I can't take it any longer.
I feel very tired.. I have the time to rest BUT, i can't rest too long and i can't rest peacefully as well. Still got things to do and to prepare.
I'm a volunteer of SYFC for 6 months(beginner in the process of learning from a staff there), Church(7:30pm Prayer meet Wed, Thursday 7:30pm Choir, Friday 6pm plus or even earlier if i'm serving 3pm plus YAF Fellowship, Saturday 10am to 12 Bible Trail and 4pm to 6pm Tyrannus class plus 6pm to 9pm sports outing with YAF, Sunday Ushering), School final project (rushing), I still need to prepare whatever i need to do, follow up with students/my church members and to go out with my friends(who i dont meet up for a long time) and family(i still haven go out with them yet). I dont know how man. Time table that i've done slightly useless at the moment. I want to request to minues my voluntory work in SYFC 6 months to 3.

I wonder how my cousin able to handle so many things? She's only 19 and she is a conductor for her CCA in school ang klong (she even need to attend the practises), Studies, School Christian fellowship(i forget her roll there), A level's? student of syfc to meet her syfc staff for bible study or any program and even Church rolls as group leader and treasurer or some programmes as well.
She always out of the house and sometimes at night then will reach home. She always chiong her studies until late at night or even midnight then she sleep.
Her parents started to complain to her that they seldom see her at home to study etc.. so testimony wise towards her parents especially her dad probably not very good. Alot of our church sisters ask her to let go some of her commitments but she can't. It's kinda compulsory for her to be committed in certain areas.

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