Saturday, February 2, 2008


We went to Chinatown today with YAF people.
On our way we met Tracy , Kuan Lao shi and his mum.
I met my friend too, i never see her for 3 years? Few days ago or rather last week i was wondering how is she doing? and today i got to see her at chinatown's coffee shop.
Sometimes when i wanted to see a person/friend who i hardly meet for a long time, about 60% like that few days,weeks or months i sure get to see the person somewhere someday. Scary right? Not my first or second time having this situation where i want to see somebody, i just wonder and will appear someday in some places. Interesting! I guess is fate to see each other again, if not SINGAPORE IS A SMALL COUNTRY.. ahhahaa~

Oh thanks Yu'an for the cards. REALLY! thanks for contributing to share your artistic work with us.. hahaha.

She use pen knife to cut the wordings.

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