Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today after church i went out with my cousin Wen Jun. He wanted to see laptop at bishan. I went down to bishan with him becoz my friend and i wanted to buy a laptop as well. Just went down J8 to see the price of the laptop, digital camera and Mircrosoft office software.
Actually i no need to buy digital camera, i already have a camera phone with me.

I want to work as shoes promoter again. But i need to adapt every places in work and the people there again. Urgh~ Probably too long nv work that is why i feel kinda lazy at the moment.
I slightly need money to balance my money in the bank. Keep decreasing. Hahaha!! :)

What keeps me going on to work becoz of the people who work there with me. It reminds me again when i worked in Urban Warehouse 2 years ago. So much fun and laughter. After work, we usually will go out until 10pm plus nearly 11pm then we went home. Sometimes i went out with my God sister Yuki (she keep me as her beloved sister becoz she don't have a younger sister in malaysia and i don't have a elder sister as well plus i will automatically hug her when she cries to comfort her. I just hug her that time when she cry and i don't even know why i will do that. Everytime she encounter problems she will talk to me if not ask me to hug her for awhile. "She always ask the auntie who work with me whether i'm coming to work tml?" When we are on our way home, she will say something like "Hey! Ching Ai De Mei Mei, must be careful when you are on your way home. If anything happens to you i will be very sad. Call me and i will fly there to save you." hahaha) Our relationships are super close until her friends from other department knows that we are very good friends. Her friendster got my pic too.. I miss her lots..

At OG Orchard point I have 1 or rather 2 close friend too. Always disturb me. Last year i told her to meet for lunch until now still haven meet up yet. When I see her at OG orchard point, she will grab my hand and say "aaaa... you free for lunch?" If i say no? then she will complain and say i bluff her that time what say meet for lunch then until now still haven have the chance to have lunch together. Her ending will say "haiya.. dont friend you and she walk away." hahaha funny. She is a joker when she talks.

I like to go out with my close friend Xiao Ping from malaysia too to shop and eat. If not will go out with a bunch of friends who i don't really know from other departments for dinner and from there onwards we became better friends.

But Xiao Ping went back Malaysia to work with her boyfriened. sad!

I always disturb Ferlyn at the cashier too in Urban, she's also from Malaysia. She went back to Malaysia to work as well but i got her msn and friendster. Din't really talk to her now. Yee Ching, Supervisior at shoes department Urban. I like to disturb her too. When she cry then i always ask her... "Hey! you ok anot?" then she shake her head to say no. She always stress out. Once she's angry, she really shout and cry man infront of ppl. But she's nice and helpful.
Now Yee ching working at OG Orchard point shoes department as normal staff.

I miss the people from Urban Warehouse.

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