Sunday, February 3, 2008

today... some of our church members went to Singapore bible college to see the dixit dominus choir concert. Kuan Lao shi and Dian Juan were in the choir too. cool!
We saw En xin's family, so long never get to see each other since she left tsbc when i was still in secondary school. We saw uncle timothy too.

After the concert. Me, Mei Ling, Wen Jun and Jonathan went to bishan to have our dinner at Mac. About 11 pm then we leave junction 8. We sat at the very back of bus 156 then suddenly me and Mei ling went crazy. We did all kinds of weird dance and laugh at ourselves. Fun la.. seldom have somebody entertain me. Wen Jun sat beside me, he was quite pai seh.
When i was 18, I sat with a guy who was younger then me by a year. Know him through one of my best friend. We sat at the back of the bus when we were on our way to toa payoh to have our lunch. That time I was listening to lao shu ai da mi and i started doing the actions for the whole song. The guy(friend) who sat beside me copied my actions as well and we did the actions for the whole song together plus singing too. cool man!

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