Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lao Shi Jia Liao Da

Haha I watch the movie Lao Shi Jia Lao Da with Nicole today. Actually we wanted to watch PS I Love You. But the time for the show was 02:25am in the morning. I was like .."Woah! so early, who is going watch?"

The movie was billingual with chinese and Hock Kian. We Did laugh like mad from the beginning to the end.
But I did learnt something from the show especially the last part. Imagine you go and beat up or kill someone who is not related to you. You probably won't feel sorry for them.
But If you get to see your love ones get beaten up or going to get killed, you will sure beg the person to free your love ones and do whatever the bad guys says.

You, who has the relationship between the other person eg.Family and friends and pet. When anything happens to them, you sure will be sad or hurt and try your very best to help them in any situations. Why? Because of love and relationship that is in us. We hate to loose our love ones, to be separated with them or to see them in bad situations. Ok! this was how i feel.

I realise few Singapore's movies by Jack Neo are good. Becoz after their show, they tend to tell you and show you things that are valuable in life. Like Xiao Hai Bu Ben and Qian Bu Gou Yong. Currently Singapore's movies are realistic that we can see in our lifes around us.

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