Thursday, February 7, 2008

Now I Know How Stress Really Feel / Relationships

Past two days mid night i sms Peiling to tell her that i'm quite stress. That day my stress comes back again and it feels quite bad until i cannot sleep although I'm tired.

Problem between friends just affects me as well. I'm just worried that things will go worst on them. I can't do much for them but to pray and to think of ways to help them.

Few things just went through my mind sometimes that give me stress. When I stress, I won't really keep eating but I will listen to music and do my own stuff(relax).

i dont know what to do but to pray and to put my faith in Him.

Relatioships problem.....

Talk about friends with their stubborn problems, are really giving a hard time to solve to want them to open their mind unless they really willing to let go. Won't forget I cried for a close friend becoz of her BGR problems. I'm really sick until i will want to wash my hands off them to free them to let them go and do whatever they want to do and i won't even care about them anymore.

I remember you cried on the phone times and times again when you talk to me. Same goes to me with other friends during confrence call becoz of you. You always tell us that we don't understand you, don't know your problems and how you feel? Are you sure we don't? Everyday and everytime me and my close friend will just keep repeating the same old advice but you just dont listen and choose to be stubborn over and over again to make yourself so confused and messy. But the problems you have was just like that, so simple. You always feels like smoking, you don't even smoke, cut your wrist and say to relief your pains, i shall say all this are bullshit nobody will give any sympathy on you. Why cause yourself to be hurt? There are other options to relief why in this cruel way? For me music, if not i will just play badminton and run until i'm happy.
I remember you ask me, " Am I gonna let you go, give up and leave you?" my replied was "Ya almost, but if i leave you, you will fall badly." I will continue to share your burdens and carry you through each day until you stand up by your own again. Too bad~ thats what friends are for.

But glad to see her better with her boyfriend now altough still some ups and downs sometimes. Glad that the hurts that you had are not that bad after all.

I have talk to 3 or rather 4 people regarding relationships. It really challenge me and it takes up time to open up that persons mind. Advice and options were given and we will wait to see you open/wake up again. But I will pray to God in faith that He, the only person will help you in any situation you are in.
No matter how I'm disappointed, sad or even being ignorant towards you, Someday i shall turn back to you to help you once i stable my emotions again. I can't do much to help you, at least i lend you my listening ears to hear your sorrows and cries. Will company you and carry your burdens to ease your pain. I can't help it to be ignorant and cold towards you sometimes, i'm just disappointed. Not really just disappointed in you but in me too. I can't do much to help you as a friend.

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