Friday, February 29, 2008

Today went to watch L Changes The World(Death Note 3).
Went to watch with Jiao Hong, Zhi Hui, Zhi Min. Wang Qian and Hui xia at amk hub. The show was at 6:30pm and we paid 10 dollars for the show today. If wanna watch movie, is better to watch on wednesday. Cheaper, only $7 dollars. 2 hour show for $10, still quite worth it. :)
Get to know the main character "L" better as the movie shows his characteristic and how he solve the deadly virus problem that are gonna spread to the world kinda thing.
Previously Death Note 1 and 2 the main characters were a guy call Light and a gal who have the Death Note book. But in this show, L actually burn all the Death Note books and the show was not about the book but how L solve the virus that are going to spread around the world.

The show abit disgusting when the people contacted with the deadly virus and how they die, L was cute and funny, sad/touching as well nearly the ending part. Must watch carefully then you roughly know whats going on. Anyway, I like the show.

Oh after that we went to NTUC to buy groceries. Hui min was lost, she nv bring her phone out with her so we counld'nt contact her. But she went home herself safly. Huixia told me last time was Zhi Hui, she went back home herself also. So funny. We only spent 10 minutes to look for Hui min then the gals plan to go home. They said probably she went back home herself just like Zhi hui that time. After I sent the gals to amk mrt, I plan to go back to Ntuc to walk pass the cashier to see whether i could see her somewhere. But you guess who i saw as i reach Ntuc? I saw Ran Ran was looking at clothes hahaa... I go scare her la...hahaha! then i company her shopping at Ntuc awhile. I had a wonderful time today.

tml need to wake up at 7am need to attend SYFC area meeting and dont know go where. 4pm tyrannus class after that if no program then go home to sleep? haz~

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