Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time management.

Today, i met up with Pei ling(SYFC Staff) to discuss about my commitments in Singapore Youth For Christ and my commitments in Church.

She asked me this question, "What or How do you see yourself commit in SYFC?"
As I think back what i had done for syfc, I feel that I didn't really do much and its the same goes to my church.

This year I focus too much on my ITE school attachment for 2 months 15 Oct to 14 Dec. Because I scare i couldn't get better grades or rather fail my attachment.
But I like to thank God that I scored full marks for my attachment :) yay!

I always tell people i'm busy, my friends sees me as busy girl because when my friends ask me out or my sales rep ask me to work for her in particular dates. I always couldn't make it and often rejects their invitations and offers. Sorry to my friends whom I always replied and say no to you. I don't feel good sometimes to say no or sorry that i couldn't make it for my friends to join them for shopping, movie and gathering. But i did sms to some of my friends to update them on their daily basis like currently what are they doing?, working?, how's school and etc...
This year I will try to dig out my time to go out with my friends.
Yesterday one of my friends even asked me something like, "Why I need to serve in church?" I forgotten what really was his question but he mention something related to serve and church.
But i did explain to him and his response was "Oh Ok" or "ok."
Before that question he invite me to go to his 21st birthday party. My reply to him was "Oh ok, i see how then i will let you know." I was quite surprise and wonder why he brought out this question. Due to my commitment in church and couldn't attend certain gatherings? probably...But his question didn't really disturb me because nothing can hold me back by serving The King.

SYFC have a few things to build me up and to equip me with. Firstly, teach me how to lead bible study. Secondly, how to answer political questions. I'm happy that i get to learn and answer in biblical way. I need to put my time and effort to remember and to go through what i have learn.
Probably i get to learn how to talk properly too. I'm not gifted in speaking and language but I will try my very best to talk if i need to.

I going to schedule my time for this year and pass my time table to Pei ling to see. I really need to manage my time, to stick with it so i able to see my free time to do other things and to be more organize with my programmes.

With the time table, I'm able to see my free time as well as to use it wisely.


tsl said...

serving God in church is important... but then, spending time building relationships with non-christian friends are impt as well. in fact, its also a way of serving God.

Shandy said...

yup agree.. will try to take every opportunity to make myself free.