Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yesterday morning, i woke up to draw my friend's birthday card. I spent 2 hours drawing her card and i got a headache becoz i nv eat my breakfast.
After finish drawing the card, i quickly grab something to eat if not i will vomit.
But don't worry I'm fine.

Today i was late for half and hour for my class. I'm so lazy to go school in afternoon time. That is the time i having my afternoon nap if i'm tired. I can choose not to attend school becoz i only need to go school to do my project that's all. I went to school for only 1 hours plus then i went home already. My friends all started leaving the classroom heading their way home. Not bad, at least i did my design for my project. Thursday, my teacher need to see and mark our Introduction page and Log-in page as our first assignment. Hai i need to chiong liao.

My dear gal nv go for class today, she don't feel like coming to school. But She gave me a call when i'm doing my project to ask see whether our teacher has given any important things for us to take note.
Starting when she called me, I ask her "who are you?" haha then she got abit angry and say "huh? you don't know who am I?" Then i think for quite sometime then I mention her name and then she " Han Na " (related word Ya La)
The I say " Haiya! I thought who.." "Becoz don't really talk to you on the phone often so how I know?" My dear friend use her house number to call and i nv save ppl's house number. I recognise ppl's voice through talking on the phone.
Anyway tml she will come back to school to disturb me again. That is what she sms me and ask me to dream of her tonight. I reply "ya i will dream of you disturbing me" (another words to say.. Nightmare)

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