Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fellowship Gathering at City Hall

Today was fun... I had a wonderful time with our YA Brothers Sisters and friends.
We went to Uma Uma Ramen a Japanese Restaurant to eat. We ordered set meals except Wei Wei and Lin Qian ordered buffet. Lin Qian don't know some of the dishes she ordered are large portion with lots of sushi. We can't share the buffet set only Lin Qian And Wei Wei eat only. If not we need to pay double as well as Wei Wei and Lin Qian if they can't finish the food too. Pay for wastage of food.

At this time, Wei Wei and Lin Qian start sqeezing the food in their mouth.
(see how many sushi was on the plate.) Poorthing!

Jerry ordered this set looks quite nice to eat.

After our dinner, we head down to City Link for Ice-Cream.
Before we ordered our waffles Ice-cream at Galare i started taking photos.

Tania left early, So don't have her photo.
Anyway, I did enjoy myself today. We had a wonderful fellowship with one another. Thank God

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