Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Results In final Higher Nitec ITE

Weee so happy with my final results. Simply like to thank God for that.
I got A for my Attachment and B for my Multi Application Development.
So added 0.244 from 2.490 to 2.734 for my GPA. Woohoo!
I thought i will get a C for my Multi Application Development since my web design quite simple, not much animations compared to my friends web design and i anyhow did it.
Getting a B grade was a surprised to me. Getting a A grade for my attachment simply paid off la.
My buddy and i suffer like mad. Cannot sleep well(stress), need to wake up at 5:40am, leave house at 6:15am,catch a bus at 8am at Jurong East, handle customer complain calls and needs in the end no appetite to eat. Mentally down and tired every single day. To us like hell there need some air to breathe.

Although I'm not the 3 pointers in my GPA like few of my friends, But I'm still happy and contented with the marks i have now compared to my previous GPA.
I know few of my friends have been praying for me even in my posting to poly. Thank you guys so much.

All Credit and Glory to God Most Highest ! Amen.

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