Monday, March 31, 2008

Today i'm very tired. But thank God I didn't get angry with anyone as i will easily if i'm super tired. After church we went out to United square to buy somethings and had our dinner at Mac. Ok i don't really like the food in united square. Ex! But i like their food in food court. Like baked rice, pasta etc...

After our dinner at United Square, me Meiling and Yu'an went down to Novena. Yu'an wanted to buy Donuts for her cousin and herself. Meiling bought 3 donuts to share with me. But i only ate few mouth and i asked meiling to eat the rest.
As i help meiling to carry the donuts, I don't really know how the box slipped off my hand and the chocolate stain on my white shirt. To my surprise, i'm not worrying for my white shirt but donuts. Thank God it didn't drop on the floor. Meiling brought jacket, so i went to the toilet to change my top. It kinda funny as i wore the jacket with knee length skirts and heels. Anyway it still doesn't really bothers me as how my appearance look since nobody knows me. Quite funny after the donut incident. LAUGH*

hmm.. to think of it, 3 of us gals have not shop together for quite sometime.


piperrrr said...

YA LO I AGREE..last time we alwaes go walk together de..OLAS remember?HAHhahahahha but now yunx got darius lo..left 3 of us..ahhaha

Anonymous said...

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Shandy said...

Mp3 e mp4 Thanks :)
And nice to know you.

I don't find my blog likeable. I just typed, typed and typed. hA~

Piper hahaa too bad for Yunx Jie.
nvm next time go out together with Darius haha.