Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coming Back to God!

Lately, there were lots of ups and downs. I'm using this holiday to adjust my feelings. I thought I'm ok but it comes back with more sadness then i expected.
There are several things that i want to say, settle and overcome. But how am i going to do all this?

I am ready and prepared not going to run or hide, puting away what is unpleasing and unnecessary, even my thinkings to face it throughout each obstacles by putting down my pride. Willingly to listen to others advice, to ponder and to apply unto it.
Those people who spoken to me, I know u care and i do appreciate you guys to talk to me. For my goodness sake and God's sake.

I'm happy that i have fear in the Lord. For God and those people who have Hope in me, I will try my very best to change.

This period of time, I need to come before God to ask Him for help.
Without God I'm absolutely Nothing.

Everytime i fall, i just need to stand up again just like a baby.
The Lord will be with me, carries me throughout my life forever till i die to see Him in Heaven.

Are you willing to come before God to ask Him for help as well?

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