Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today was quite tiring and cold. At Sunday school class i sat opposite the air-con. The air-con blow directly at me. So cold! Tania so funny as well la... She wanna tie her hair during Sunday school class. Suddenly the hair clip slipped off from her hand and the hair clip flew then drop in the middle of my legs. Me and Tania laughed like mad silently as teacher Bi Qing was teaching. Btw we sat in circles, so me and Tania sat facing the back of teacher Bi Qing. So teacher Bi Qing Don't know what happen. The rest who were at Sunday school also dont know becoz they were busy flipping the bible. Except for Jasmine started laughing at me. Jasmine looked directly at me and laughed la. Couldn't help it but to laugh silently. Torture me man cannot laugh aloud.

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