Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Church 1 Year Anniversary

Yay! on Sunday 9/3/08 is our Church 1 years old.

I never forget how God sustain us throughout this 1 year. I also never forget how we work together as a body of Christ closely with God. We work closely with church brothers and sisters plus pastor of course, we pray diligently, fervently together as well. I never forget the time Tbc started on Sunday, how things gets better and better each Sunday and how God comforted and strengthen us, restore us and to fill us with Joy within our broken hearts when the church split.

Like to thank Pastor Lai, Pastor Bi Qing and the rest for making it possible having a family form of fellowship together in Church. Always feel the warm and comfort everytime we comes to church. Thank Pastor Bi qing always like a mother, treat us like her sons and daugthers and always being so caring in what we do.

Pastor Bi qing always takes out her time and to leave aside her 4 children sometimes to fetch us home and help us in our problems. Especially the chinese nationals who need to depart with their parents in China to come to Singapore to study for years as a nurse. Thank Shiao Hui, Shiao Hong, Jia Jun and Jia Ming for being so loving and understanding.

Pastor Lai has been faithfully serving God in Church. He always spare a thought for us, to help us to walk in the right doctrine, in the Truth of God. He taught us so many things so that we may be concious and aware on what we are doing. Is it right before God and pleasing in God's sight?

Thank the Ho's and Lai's family for serving faithfully in Church.

Yup! Will continue to look forward to Truth Baptist Church 2nd anniversary.

God is a Soverign Lord. :)

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