Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday i went out with Nic to company her to buy present at Novena. We went to trumpet praise shop to look out for present. The first thing that caught my eye were 3 notebooks where each notebook for Prayer, Personal and Sermon. Woah so cool man...
Today i told Meiling that i went to trumpet praise on sat, then the first thing she told me was that she like the notebook that i like as well. Hahaha cool!

I like one of the mug there too and it cost $12.90 if i not wrong. Nicole bought that mug as birthday present. Quite suitable for guys especially the design.

I like to go in Christan shops to see what they sell. I even can see the things around in the shop for a long time. So next time i can just head down to that particular shop to buy something for my christian friends. :)

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