Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fei Lun Hai

I dont really like Fei Lun Hai song last time becoz their songs doesn't interest me. But becoz of my friend Jing Yuan(JY) downloaded nearly all the Fei Lun Hai song from their second album and she started playing the mp3 songs from her hp as we bath. She has a same common habit as me that is to play music from her handphone as she bath. So during chalet as we are using the shower room toilet near the swimming pool area to bath, my friend started playing the songs from her handphone. The songs are all from Fei Lun Hai's album. When i was bathing, I heard one of the song i like and i quickly ask Jy to send the song to me after my bath.hahaha!
I like few songs from their second album. :)

Tiamo (I Love You)

Bu Hui Ai

Chu Kou

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