Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today I went to my friend's 21st birthday party, I watched Ice Age 2 at my friend's house. So cool!
After that I went to Plaza Sing to meet Nicole to catch a movie. We watched water horse and i thought this movie can be recommended to others. The show was quite touching and funny. I've learnt a action from Nic at the Mrt train. I din't expect her to do that. funny... Thanks Ah!

Before that we had our dinner at buger king. Then we touch on a topic where days passes fast and now she's already sec 2 and i'm 21. GOSH!
We never forget how we met each other. Altough we do met in church several times, we usually just talk and laugh and there goes our way home from church. I did got her number when i was in tsbc but, i only sms her once or twice thats it.
But what brought us together was on Eleen's birthday party at United Square Ben & Jerry. Shiao Hong invited her if i not wrong. I was surprise to see her and to be honest, i did forget her. When the church spilt that time, she was back home in Penang.
After Eleen's birthday, I was please that she don't mind walking with me from Novena to Farrer Park area near her house bus stop for about 20 minutes. Becoz i don't really know where was farrer park Mrt. I also don't even know how to take bus from Novena to Little India Mrt. Then Nicole guided me to her house area bus stop to take 131. We did had a wonderful talked as we walk. Thats not all, she waited with me for my bus for quite long. At the bus stop i went crazy and we kept laughing. So from there onwards our friendship and relationship got closer. Then i started sms her as i reached home to keep her company and also to bring her out shopping since she SO FREE that time. We both are cheerful giver as well. So cool.
Eleen's birthday was some where March so now me and Nicole knew each other nearly 1 year soon. During this period of time i'm glad to see her grow in the Lord. Altough we both are from two different churches, but our relationship still stays. not that easy. :) Thank God to have this opportunity to know her.

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