Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ITE Chalet

Yay! I enjoy the chalet.
11 friends came for the chalet but 9 of us stay.

We played twister so fun and funny. Twister is a game where one person spin the colour board, then the colour board will indicate the colour of your left or right hands or legs will go to which colour. we have competitions between guys and gals. So funny! i nearly break my body. I need to stretch my legs and hands to reach the colours.

One of my friend who is a guy cannot take it then fell then sat on my feet. I don't dare to move my leg as my leg near his "Ahem" so i said "excuse me i need move my leg." He laughed and move his butt away. ha! Burst out Laughter that time. My other friend play until he farted but thank God no smell. My friend Maha, our tallest gal also play.

We played poker and tumbling block plus true and dare. Dont worry about the dare part we did safety precautions haha.. no touching of oppsite sex. But guys only touch guys and gals only touch gals. Abit gross but we had a fun. 3 Christians including me so as my friend buy alcohol i was not involved. I have friends to set a good testimony together to others.

I use to drink during chalets but not anymore. For God and Christian friends and not to stumble people around me.
One of my friend who also a Christian drank alcohol last time also nv drink on the chalet but she only say which brand nice to drink la. Last time i drank alcohol was 18 years old at Siloso beach at Sentosa. Because it was raining but not that heavily at the beach and we were dreached and cold, so i drank the purpose is to keep me warm as i having my activities there. I cannot take cold weather as my stomach wont feel good sometimes. It worked to keep me warm that time but i felt abit numb but not drunk at that time. But i reliased my hands got spotted reddish mark on both of my arms as i play the captains ball. First time i encounter such things but i was fine in a short time.
But i won't touch alcohol anymore unless my parents allows me to drink like in the wedding where my father will drink and if my mums allow my dad to drink haha.. Becoz my father got high blood pressure.

Anyway i will miss my big group of good friends. We always have fun and laughter whenever we are together. I plan to have ITE gathering next time and my friends agreed with me.
Our next gathering will be in my friend's 21st birthday party in August ba.

May our relationship stays the same through out the years. :)

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