Monday, April 21, 2008

Yesterday at Plaza Singapura John Little i saw 2 nice T-shirts.
The brand Sufer Paradise there's this T sell only $13.
The other shirt i saw was $23 something. Kinda retro type of T-shirt.
After that I went to find my God sister at Killney Rd but i couldn't find her. Probably she's not working yesterday. Sad!
Oh! I found NTUC fair price as i continue to walk down from Killney Rd. But slightly far away from Somerset and was roughly about 10 plus minutes walked. At least i bought a drink at NTUC, so i didnt walk for nothing. ha!

lrene,my secondary school friend saw me at the SK Mrt when i on my way home. I was surprised to see her as we didn't see each other for 2 years or even more. I forgot how i know her in school last time.

We did have a good chat on our way home as she stay quite near my block.
Although she stop studying since sec 4, She's been traveling to lots of countries with few of her secondary school good friends. Now she's learning several things from her interest. One of the things she is learning now is drum and just past her test few days ago. Cool!

Anyway all the best to her in what she's learning.

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