Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yesterday I went out with my mum to have our lunch at Villa Seafood Galleria at Labrador Nature Reserve place since my mum had 20 dollars voucher. The scenery was great as you can see the sea, boats and the big blue sky. Kinda high class restaurant and EX. One glass of lime juice is about $5 but with special promotion yesterday. Buy 1 free 1.hahaha

If you are going there to eat pls bring cash, they dont use nets to pay the bills.
Thank God, i did asked my mum whether she brought enough cash before we went in to eat.
Not easy to come by just to eat in Villa Seafood Galleria. At Habour front still need to take bus 143, 5 bus stops later then alight. After that from the bus stop still need to walk in 10 to 15 minutes into Labrador Reserve.
Abit scary as we walked in and see lots of big tall trees. My mum thank me for coming along and she even scared that later got monkey suddenly jump out of the tress to attack us or something. But there was no monkey. -_-!
Anyway the food was great...

After our lunch we went to Vivo to shop. My mum don't go shopping with my dad often as my dad likes to stay at home sometimes. So since my mum never go Vivo before, i accompanied her to shop and buy her groceries at Giant.

We went in to Daiso to shop and Pet safari to see puppies too. I saw a 2 months old Maltese sleeping. So cute.

I had a wonderful time with my mum yesterday as both of us dont go out together often.

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