Friday, April 4, 2008

Poly, Unsuccessful !

Just done with writing letters to appeal Poly in NYP and RP. Yup! I was unsuccessful to get in to Poly. Don't worry not just me who couldn't get in to the poly we wanted. Even my friends who scored 3 pointers couldn't get in too. Most of our classmates can't get in poly probably due to the vacancy was occupied by other students who's O level and Ite Nitec courses to get in Poly first. One of my friend who graduated from Nitec ITE already started his A maths class today. Wow So hard! He took engineering course that why. :)

If i apply engineering or electronic courses i sure get in because not many people will apply only guys and few girls who are interested. One of my classmates got in as he apply engineering course rather then IT. Most of our classmates who applied IT couldn't got into the courses we wanted. So today i use my free time to go down to appeal Poly. But if i still can't get in Poly then its ok, shall plan to work or study private classes that applies in future.

Trust In the Lord and the plans that he has for us.

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