Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today went out to PS with my good friend Shulin and 4 years never see each other, Lex and her sister Zhou ling. Lex and Zhou ling are twins but one les and the other just became a mother of a baby. I keep calling the wrong names as both of them had changed their names since sec 4. Both of them their usual names are Esther and Pei shi. Oh btw Zhou ling brought along her 3 month old baby Jayme Fong. so cute!

We went to cafe cartel to eat dinner Shuling wanna eat beef steak. I spent $11.80 for the pasta.. so full. After eating we walk to heeren as Lex and Zhou ling plus Lex's gf going to meet another friend there. Shu lin suggested to shop with me when we reach heeren. When we reach heeren was already 9:40pm like that.. so the shops were close. :(

Actually today's gathering should have 6 friends coming, but suddenly due to their own problems they can't turn up for gathering. But thank God Zhou ling and her baby came along so total about 5 included Jayme. haha

Before we met up I was on my way to dhoby ghuat mrt as ppl started sms me that they couldn't come due to their reasons. At first, the ppl who comfirm to come only me and Shulin. I told Shu lin maybe we can have candle light dinner. That time Lex haven sms me so i assumed she cannot come too. Then me and Shu lin suggested to go on a so called "date" as both agreed. haha
Suddenly Lex called me and said that she's coming with Zhou ling and immediately after the call i sms Shu lin to tell her that Lex will be coming too. The Shu lin replied, " Spoil our date" . I was laughing la so funny. Don't worry although we always play and disturbed each other, non of us are les. :) Shu lin have a bf for 4 years already.

Anyway i enjoy the gathering today.

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