Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hai! just get to remember my past again.. rather sad but i'm fine.
I actually wanna type about friends but i 've deleted it. Just keep the good and bad memories to myself. But i got two good friends that i know when i was 18, i wont forget the good times we 3 of us have together. No matter how bad or good it is till now. When i always think of one of them i'm happy the other kinda bitter and hurt. But i had a wonderful memories with the one who hurts me too. And it still hurts alittle when i thought of it now. Both friends that i know, although our days are short but indeed we have cherish the time we have together. In times of ups and downs.. laughing and crying moments. I always get to see the emotional moments when we are together.

Memories of two friends

I never forget what i've told one of them when we went out in her down moments and she ask me "Are u giving up on me?" I replied saying without hesitating, "I wont give up on you although i wanted to. But once if i let go my hands (giving up), u will fall badly and u might not be able to stand on ur feet yourself again." And i end off by saying "That's What Friends Are For.. Right?" and i saw her feeling relief on her face.
Helping her that period of time, as a friend i just wanted to see your smiling face again and to tell me everything is fine. No matter how much we cry and sacrifice the time for each other, just wanna let u know that u are not alone to go through ur problems.

The other friend last time told me sincerely, "when i die, the first person i will find is u. Becoz i believed when i die, u will cry." then i looked at her and replied, "I think so, maybe ba..." kinda freaky but heartwarming to hear something like that. She was a super close friend i ever had that time. I left her is becoz she kept talking about her boyfriend and i don't really know her boyfriend although we went out few times.
The topic between us seems not right once she got a boyfriend and i felt bored with her. Then i tell myself that since u are happy to have a partner to stay with then i better leave becoz i had enough of her boyfriend topic. It seems that i'm transparent as a friend and i cant just bring out any topic but about ur bf. Rather pathetic and sad. It hurts to leave her but eventually each day seems lesser contact with her and relationship wise between us get lesser too.
But i found another bunch of friends to hangout with and i'm quite happy to be with them as they always brightens my day.
One of my friend in class told the other close friend of mine that as if i'm stealing her good friend away from her whom she usually stick with. Then she always give this heck care face towards me. It was becoz i'm helping her with her problems that was why she so close to me. Our relationship naturally just build up by contacting and hangout since she got her bad days so i just company her and talk to her.

She's 'used to be' super close friend even made me cry on the spot before where she did something i don't like la and i saw her crying on the spot before too. That time when she cry, i quickly brought her to the toilet and we squared in the cubicle for twenty minutes like that when she cried. I risk to tell her a secret that shouldn't be told but as for a super close friend sake i don't want to see her getting hurt by this guy. So i just risk to tell her although i might loose the other friend who told me the secret. But was worth while telling in order to protect her as a friend.

I also remembered in the middle of the night about two plus while i was sleeping, she called me and told me that she left home becoz she quarreled with her family especially her sister gave her a slap on her face in front of her family members. She wanted to come my house to stay but was too sudden so i told her to go home. She did listen to me and went back home after the conversation on the phone. She told me that she felt relax after telling me everything then she head home to sleep. Before that when we talked on the phone, i asked her whether she was crying? she said "no" for the first and second time as i knew she was crying. But the third time she suddenly just admitted that she was crying.. but then we laughed. Becoz i said something funny then she cannot tahan and laugh. This friend of mine story is longer then the other friend of mine becoz we hangout too often until will miss each other without seeing or contacting.

How about you? what was the most memorable friend you have? feel free to share. :)

It's good to have friends who gave you wonderful memories that hardly be forgetable.

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