Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just can't be there for you everytime.. you should know. I'm not super hero that will fly if u need. I know u need me to be there to company you and to listen to your problems plus entertain you. But i need my time too what..
I was rather tired enough.


Becoz of u i was rather angry this afternoon. Trying my best to laugh,smile and talk. Actually wanna go home but already promised my cousin to go out together since she's free.
So not only u angry, me too.
I just don't feel like going down to find you as i'm tired.
I also scare i will scold u as well in anything u said and i kinda disagree with u.
Hai! anyway i will just pray for u.. hope u are fine

After this time of not happy conversation on the phone, i end her call by saying" Guess shall not keep u in contact for time being... calm ourselves down first. BYE!" then end her call immediately."

Sad now... shall not say anything and i'm kinda enough of u today.

Few things just happen today... Shall pray for them as well.

Hmm.. i wanna thank jasmine this morning for carrying my bag as i rush and ran to church. I almost late for choir practise at 9am. I felt bad.. I made the idea to ask her to carry my heavy bag and i only help her to carry a super light plastic bag and my file to run. I just dash out from the MRT train then abandon her at the back.
So Sorry Jasmine and Thank You for being so nice, willing to help without hesitating when i asked.. Being touch by you today. Hee! :)
But i hurt my leg the nerve again when i ran to church. But just endure until i reach church. During lunch time kept complaining to my cousin that my leg very pain.
She saw me crippled walking in to the ballroom.

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