Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No coffee pls...

I guess i can't drink coffee.. I almost puke after drinking a cup.
I'm quite tired today, so i thought of drinking coffee. The coffee doesn't keep me awake but is making me so sick and giddy. I almost went to the toilet to puke. I won't drink coffee next time then, maybe not suitable to drink. Not my first time feeling this way after i drank a cup of coffee.
Having a hard time just now trying to control myself not to puke.

I'm better now when Sophia asked me to go down and photocopied a stack of papers. I use that 40 minutes siting somewhere where i use to sit and rest during lunch time to sleep. I can faint anytime just now... giddy until i cant really walk in a straight line. I try to act normal when i walk out of the office. I sat on the banch to pray first then cross my leg and close my eyes and sleep for 15 minutes. I don't really care how ppl look at me when they walk pass but i find it normal to do that since nobody knows me.

This few days i've been rushing here and there too.. not enough sleep as well. So will go giddy easily. I asked Sophia this morning to take leave tml. I need a proper rest as i dont really have one for a week. Guess too worked out and can feel that my body is up to my limits for now.

Just now i sat outside and rest, i saw this cat tring to catch a bird.. So funny!

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