Monday, June 23, 2008

Lex and Sharon's Birthday

Yesterday went to Lex and Sharon's birthday after church. Hmm.. not bad after all as i can talk to Lex and my good friend Shu Lin. Now Shu lin facing relationship problem as she thinks that Singapore is so Fan.. why? not becoz of work but she like a guy. Her problem rather interesting as me and lex talk about it.
Shu lin has a bf and together with her bf for almost 5 years soon. She even told her bf that she like another guy. Ha!
Now Shu lin wanna take a break to be single again as she cannot take it that her bf will always call and jealous easily if she talk or sms a guy. Even guy's number on her phone too. Haiyo no freedom!
So she's been asking me which country is the best to go to work or just go overseas to relax. She wanna go Taipei, Japan and Korea. But she make up her mind at the moment to go Korea and even learn their language. Woah so hard!
I have a Korea friend, know her through my school attachment.
She treat me as her little sister too, probably i always encourage to cheer her up when she cry and help her if she encounter problems. Once she started speaking in Korea language to customer, my colleague and i will say "Wah Sweet Gentle Voice." NICE!

Anyway.. Shulin also asked Lex why she became a lesbian too. Then Lex said was because she don't like guys anger. (she has her past story with a guy)
Rather interesting to her their stories.

Hmm.. Lex got tattoo at the back bottom neck got this coloured star and Lizard near her shoulder. I like to see ppl Tattoo a picture of a lizard. I find it Cool.
but dont worry... I won't go tattoo on my body as I'M A CHRISTIAN (TESTIMONY) secondly PAIN ARH!
Lex and Sharon's friend mostly got tattoo, that was why Shu lin asked Lex whether she went to tattoo too. I saw Lex good friend's leg got this big clown tattoo on the side of her bottom leg. Quite nice.. as the tattoo seems like somebody use pencil to draw. Lex tattoo both cost $100 each because the star tattoo got add colour and the size of the lizard quite big.

Hmm... the people there only like 5 of us not smoking... But they all quite nice and friendly

Sharon and Lex

Family Pic with little Jamie

Cute right?

Erm.. should i say "Cute right?"

Shu lin & Me

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