Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just started working as web designer at Chinatown Manhattan House.
Working hours 9am to 6:30pm. But usually i will leave my work place about 6:40pm or 6:45pm.
I cannot do their standard of design, quite hard for me as my school only taught us basic design. Sad! On second day of work i was so frustrated as i called up 2 of my friend for help and i spent my whole day just to design my main page. But the design cannot make it to their stadard, so i design the layout today again by scatching on a piece of paper.

During my break time i even sms my boss that i couldn't continue do their project. Stress!
Btw I'm doing Punggol Marina Club website. My boss will use the website that was done and He will sell some coupon to the members there. Through selling this coupon to earn money.
My boss got a good business mindset to earn money for the company.

This project not just need to design the web, even need to change the layout to what the client wanted. Also need to update the information to the website. My boss will put one or two people at Punggol Marina Club to organize program and to learn how they work a website for booking resort. My boss wants to have a booking resort website link to Punggol Marina Country Club.
So if customer called our company to book the resort, the Punggol Marina Country Club system admin also can see the date was booked by the company like that.

Not a easy job after all.

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