Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I went Causeway Point this afternoon just to find Xiuru to get something i need urgently at the archard Timezone. Daphne work with Xiuru too since both not accepted in poly. But Daphne result should be much more better then me and she can consider going in poly. I like Daphne's design for her project in school.

After getting the my stuff from Xiu Ru, i saw this uncle about 40 plus years old played Time Crisis 3 and another young teenage boy about 15 or 16 years old played Time Crisis 4.

Both played well and they know how to use each different gun for shooting. Cool!

I just spent almost 1 hour just to watch both of them play.

As i watched them play Time Crisis, i saw this lady scolding the maid badly. I don't really know what happened maybe the maid forget to do something. I kept hearing the lady yelling at the maid and the lady said "If you forget to eat then don't eat next time." "Today you don't eat, can?!" She's very mean... The lady even asked the maid to repeat a word 10 times loudly. Because the maid speak very softly and they were in the archard full of noise. The lady yelled at the maid all the way man and the maid look very calm and sightly timid.

Anyway the lady shouldn't yelled at the maid although the maid keep making the same mistake by forgetting certain things. People tend to forget things one or another don't they?
The lady as the owner should tell the maid what to do next time or do something about it to correct her rather than yelling at her. Shouldn't this be the way?
I almost want to walk up to the lady to ask her to stop her nonsense. But i didn't because I don't really know what was the problem.
If you were there to see how the lady yell at the maid, you won't feel good as well.

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