Saturday, May 24, 2008

I going to start work on 2 June at Chinatown manhattan house as Web Designer.
Kinda stress here, because i not very good at using Dream Weaver software as i about 1 years plus never touch this program too. I not very good at database as well. Urgh..
Then now i got a project at hand to do in the company.
Pray that through this company i able to master my webbie skills and my project will go smoothly.
I'm doing a project for Punggol Marina, kinda nice club with few outdoor activities. I need to meet client and maybe join their activity to know the club better.

But I'm thankful that one of the colleage that she's going to help me in my Dream Weaver is a Christian too. Her name is Sophia from Indonesia. But in the company only got 3 person, Me, Sophia and the boss. Sad!

I hope to have more people to come to this company. So if i wanna take leave will be easier.
I'm also thankful that the work place is at Chinatown 4 stops away from farrer park.
Hai sad, my working hours might extend and during weekends maybe need to work. Depends!
But the boss said that he will try his very best not to touch Sunday to call me to work.

My biggest worries.. I can't do well for my project and can't make it for choir practise since there only two soprano including me.
The Ya Camp pray that i can come too. It falls on 3 week of my work.

During this one week left before i start working hopefully I can meet up with my friends.
Won't hangout with friends often if i start work unless they don't mind meeting me in evening time.

I lost contact with most of my working friends as i was busy with my school work last time.
Relationship wise with one another eventually drop badly. Never contact them at all, only few of them. I miss the fun we had together during work and after work.

I super miss Yuki, my beloved sister. In work we always rely on each other no matter happy, sad or angry. Both of us always hangout together or with friends for supper and shopping till 11pm after work.

Both of us kinda touchy too as we will hug once we saw each other.
Hugging started from me in the storeroom because she cried. I saw her crying 3 times due to some problems.
We kinda gross also as we will kiss each other sometimes on the chick. She started kissing me first dont know why at the storeroom during work.

1. For me to kiss her was a cheer up to her.
2. For me to hug her was to comfort.
3. For me to come to work was to brighten her day.
(I work with a auntie, Yuki will always ask the auntie whether i will come to work the next day.
If i never come to work, Yuki will nag at me to ask me to work.)

I remember a time when Yuki was angry with her working good friend because a guy like me in work place as we were working together. Me, a guy who dress like jap *his quite cute, the guy who like me and his friend and Yuki's good friend. We came out together for supper after work.

Me Yuki and the Jap guy went Yoshinoya to eat at cineleisure and the rest at KFC.
As i was talking to the jap guy regarding japanese and taiwan songs we like, the guy who like me his friend keep coming to Yoshinoya to help his friend who like me and ask Yuki for my number and stuff. Thank goodness, Yuki never gave any of my details and if she did i will be very angry with her. As Yuki never give the guy my details, Yuki's good friend keep sms or call Yuki to give my number. Suddenly Yuki very angry and she said, "Why keep asking me to give the number since Wen ling don't like that guy?" Yuki so angry with her good friend and she ask me to leave the place with her and go somewhere ourselves to walk around orchard. Yuki did explain to me what happen and why she's so angry.

But i'm always quite thankful as she take good care of me and always treat me for supper. Scary!

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