Friday, May 2, 2008

On Wednesday Amos celebrated my birthday at PS.
Actually we wanted to watch Iron man.. but was fully booked. Sian!
I had a wonderful chat with him as i don't really know him that well.
I know him in SYFC...

Yesterday went Kota Tingi Malaysia for church picnic. The place seems like Kampong to me once i reached there. Everything were made by woods and there's swimming pool as the pool was quite erm.. dirty with dead flying insects. Don't really dare to open my mouth as i swim.
Oh you can even catch fish in the shallow lake. The water looks clean and clear.
Few of our brothers and sisters went down to the lake happily to catch fish and most of them did caught small fishes in the lake. They were excited and happy to share the story with one another on what they did in the lake.

The weather was very hot in Kota Tingi, i felt my skin was burning.
Thanks Wei Wu and Yu'an for the water games to makes us wet.
The first water game our fingers were suffering in pain la and my right thumb was cramp and injured as i used a little strength to cover the holes on bottle so the water would not leak as the rest of our team members try to fill up the water in the bottle. I couldn't take it as my thumb was in great pain and i couldn't just let go of my fingers and give up the game within my team mates. But I'm the first to shout to check the water level in the bottle since there's no water left in the bucket to fill the bottles. Once i shouted "Huwwaaaa.. my fingers very pain!" then the rest shouted the same thing too.. quite funny hahaha. Trixie or Theresa one of them did massage my thumb.
The second water game is to use water bags to throw each group where 3 people were chosen and put a piece of paper on your chest or stomach. The rest of your team mate is to protect the 3 person who were chosen, to keep your papers dry and than you win the game. But being hit by the water bags quite painful, Jerry said he was hit at the mouth area. Ouch!
Thank God, nobody was injured during the games. I also scared people will fight and quarrel among each other during or after the bombing game. Because last time SYFC programmes during the water games the people quarrel and fought each other. But they were non-believers. Scary!

After the water bomb games it reminded me as how people were stoned in the olden days as mention in the Bible. Bleed for sure..

The Church brothers, sisters and friends celebrated my 21st birthday too. I was rather surprised because i forgotten my birthday after the exciting bombing games. So while we were resting at the canteen waiting for tea breaks ready to be served, I was talking to Jia ming. I saw Yu'an holding a cake, starting i thought.. " yay! lets celebrate together in this happy occasions as we in Malaysia today."

Suddenly Yu'an walked towards me and my second thought was.. " Hey since celebrated this happy occasion in Malaysia with Church memebers, why don't put the cake in the middle of the table so everybody can see?"

Later as Yu'an walked closer to the table where i was sitting, i stared at her for few seconds than i realised.. "Oh! My Birthday!" What a pleasant surprised... -_-!
OK! You may laugh at me as i was quite slow and couldn't figure out whats going on with the cake in Yu'an's hand.

I was quite happy to celebrate my birthday with my beloved church memebers and friends in Malaysia. Rather special.. Thanks guys!

Wei Wu and Yu'an did well for games. Hmm.. first time got to see Yu'an hosting for games and is in chinese lo. Well done sister! :) And first time to see Wei Wu hosting in games too.

Yup have a wonderful time together with people in church at Kota Tingi. Indeed! our relationships with one another gets closer and better.

All glory to God in the Highest!

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