Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today the whether was good. It rain during midnight and today i woke up at 11:26am.
I slept peacefully in rainy weather.

I went Paradiz centre near Dhoby Ghuat to be Eileen's model for make-up today.
Although i waited for my turn for about 3 hours plus, I'm not bored at all as i saw other models with their make over. I saw one cute fruity gal with a bunch of plastic small oranges and leaves on the side of her hair. She looks sweet, and many gals kept looking at her as she going for photo shooting. The other gal i saw was quite pretty in her bridal dress.

Xin Ku Eileen as she needs to stand whole day today without her meal from morning till evening. She need to finish the make up from 9am till 5pm for 4 or 5 models with 5 different style of make up for her portfolio.

-2 bridal
-2 fashion
-1 effect (gun shot or blue black)

But she only finish 4 models including me as I'm the last. Too bad, i don't get the opportunity to do the effects make up as time was up.

I like one of the make up where Eileen make for her cousin's friend the smokey eye shadow. The gal quite fair and Eileen only put white and black for her eye shadow.
She looks great but she turn out looking fierce with the make up on. Few friends of hers who are the model of Eileen's says that she post very nice during her photo taking. I thought that the smokey eye shadow was good, but Eileen says that for all model she make up today not very good. Not up to her standard, too rush not enough time.

Yesterday afternoon Eileen trim my eye brown. She used 1 and a half hour to trim for me as she wanna make my eye brown look perfect and to look balance. So through yesterday as she trim me eye brown, i got to know that she's a perfectionist.
So whatever she do hopefully must be up to her standard.

Eileen is a very nice and shy person. She kept helping me to hold things as i don't really have hands to carry other stuff without complain. I know she's very tired for the whole day and she even need to carry a heavy metallic make up suitcase on the other hand and a plastic bag. Oh she also helped me to cleanse off the make up as i can do it by myself. hahaha...
But we had our quality time today as i don't really handout with her for years.

Pai seh man, the cousin feed me sweet as i don't really know her.

Thank God that time was extended as Eileen and one of the make up artist haven finish doing the make up for the model.

A quick 45 minutes make up (my face slightly white as she put the wrong foundation in the beginning. She stress up as not enough time left for her.. hahaha
The hardest to make up i think was the eyes area where there's eye liner, eye shadow and mascara. I didn't put mascara, fake eye lid and big ear rings.. no time.

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